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10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Children to an International School in Thailand

10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Children to an International School in Thailand

If you are looking into starting a new life for your family though you’re unsure as to where to begin, then this is the article for you. One of the major factors when deciding on a new country to call home is education. It’s all well and good picking a country for it’s climate, cuisine and culture; though if the education system is not strong enough to aid and support you in developing your children intellectually then it’s a no go.

Fortunately, we have put together 10 Reasons why moving to Thailand and enrolling your children into one of the countries incredible International Schools is a viable option. These 10 reasons have nothing to do with the countries stunning culture, wonderful climate and the wealth of other beautiful features and benefits that Thailand has to offer; these 10 reasons are purely and simply to do with its education system.

So, what makes these International Schools worthwhile?

1 – British Curriculum

Of course, not all International Schools focus on the British Curriculum, some favour American, Japanese, Australian and many others. However, from a British perspective I’d feel confident sending my children to an International Schools, knowing that they will get a similar education to mine. (After all, I think I turned out alright!)

2 – English as a First Language

Particularly if your children speak English, you can feel confident knowing that you’re not throwing them into the deep end where they will struggle to communicate and make friends. That being said, if English is not your first language then there is plenty of support for students to learn and communicate.

3 – Plenty of Opportunity to Learn Other Languages

International Schools also invest much time and money in offering their students the opportunity to learn and develop other languages. With many different courses available, your children ill be able to develop multilingual abilities which can be greatly beneficial for their future careers.

4 – Immerse Your Children in a Cocktail of Culture

For me this is what I believe to be one of the major benefits for sending your children to an International School. Not only from an educational perspective, but from a human perspective. Living and learning amongst a number of different cultures is a great way to encourage empathy, decency, and a greater understanding of the World around them.

5 – Community Support for Students and Families

International Schools tend to have a very strong and attentive support structure in place to help students and parents settle into their new lifestyles. With a wealth of community events and meetings, families are quick to feel welcome and at home in their new environment.

6 – Experienced and Diverse Teaching Faculty

International Schools in Thailand pride themselves in hiring only the best and experienced teachers from all over the World. This offers students a great opportunity for learning, but again, exploring and understanding different cultures.

7 – Modern and Top-Quality Teaching Facilities

International Schools have a number of different funding avenues and so have access to some of the finest quality teaching facilities and materials available. This gives your children a great advantage when it comes to learning.

8 – ‘Portable’ Education

Another major benefit of teaching the British or American curriculum is its flexibility when it comes to having to move around. If for example your stay in Thailand is only temporary for a few years; your children will be able to return home and slot back into School without much issue whatsoever.

9 – Internationally Recognised

Having been educated in an international environment looks great on the CV when it comes to your children’s future endeavours. Some employers may favour internationally educated applicants as they tend to have a greater understanding when it comes to working alongside other nationalities or ethnicities.

10 – Teachers are Typically Shown More Respect

Teachers in Asia are shown a great deal more respect than most teachers in Western Cultures. I am not stating this to be a matter of fact, merely something that I have observed through experience. This can benefit your children greatly; learning and developing in an environment where teachers and students often have a much closer relationship built on a mutual, hierarchical respect.