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Article Marketing Services: 7 Tips to Choose Article Marketing Service – My Experience

Article Marketing Services: 7 Tips to Choose Article Marketing Service – My Experience

Here are 7 tips to choose a good article marketing service:

1. Check If articles have grammar mistakes

Though it might seem as a minor problem, it is in fact an important indicator of the articles’ quality. Think about it, if the writer don’t want even check the grammar mistakes, how can he or she take efforts into writing high quality, innovative articles?

2. If the articles have been used by the others or the writer himself?

My friend has met such a writer, though his articles are good, my friend didn’t see any improvement of the keyword rankings. So my friend copied part of one ordered article written from that writer and pasted to Google searching. To my friend’s astonishment, his article has been used even before he published on his own website. Here are now 2 possibilities:

– The writer sold his articles to many people at one time
– The writer posted on his own sites before he sold those articles to his customers

In such case, the articles will lose all the values because they are no more originated articles. Google might even think your website spam because Google thought you just copied from the others’ sites.

3. If the articles have creative or professional contents?

Now many writers, because they need to write articles for many people at the same time, so they use the article spinning tools or article rewritten tools to rewrite one article into many different versions and then sell to different people.

This kind of articles have one character in common: the contents are very shallow and quite similar with many other people’s opinions, what’s more, they are hard to understand, this is because with certain automating tools even later checked and edited by that writers themselves, yet a large part of the contents are written by the machine without any mind or logic which would make those articles hard to understand.

4. If that is an article writing team specializing in writing articles full time?

There’re some people who do part-time-job as writers, they have their other offline jobs and you just don’t know when they would be online. Though I need to admit that many writers of this kind are really excellent in writing articles, their single problem – not always online, might become the biggest problem in future.

I have known some people, when they ordered online service with such guys; they were satisfied with the first several times. But gradually, they found their writers online less and less. They thought their writers too busy to continue writing, but their writers said: that’s ok, I am just busy for a few days, and will be back online very soon, you just send me your articles orders, and I will write them up very soon.

So they sent their orders and money to the writers, hoping to get the results quickly.

Finally they realized that was a mistake. Why? Most writers are not liars, they will write you articles but most are delayed and not steady and this will effect your business largely because you can’t post articles or do article marketing as what you planned to do. You will waste quite a lot of time just hearing their excuses.

Here are 3 other little tips for you to find the best article marketing services:

5. Find a trusted service company
6. Check if their manager are responsible for your work
7. Make sure if you are not satisfying their service, they can change that immediately without any charges.

Remember these tips; these are summarized from my past experience. Now article marketing is a very good SEO method, but you need to take care when searching for your best article marketing service.