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English Has Occur A Very long, Extended Way…

English Has Occur A Very long, Extended Way…

I often wonder what would occur if Shakespeare have been to be transported in a time machine to our environment these days. What would he consider? How would he respond?

Of course, Willie would likely notify me “thou hast way too much time on thy palms if thou spendeth it thinking about these flights of fancy.” But only after he discovered his ft.

You see, Willie would be blown absent by some of the comforts we just take for granted. For instance, that box we stroll into. The doors close all by them selves…just like magic. When they open up, we are magically in a distinctive put.

“What callest thou this contraption?” Willie would ask in utter amazement.

An elevator. You would assume nothing would section a person who just landed his time equipment 400 several years into the potential.

“Ah, I see. It was not magic immediately after all. It elevated us, mainly because it is an elevator.”

This Willie male is rather helpful with his English, isn’t really he? But that will not likely get him significantly these days. A hundred a long time ago, even fifty, he could have figured out just about every single new phrase by tracing its roots (generally to Greek or Latin). But not currently.

“What are these…these…those, matters?”

Why that is a Tv set, with a VCR and a DVD participant. About there, it’s a CD player, an AM and FM radio and an amp. This is a Personal computer, with CDRW and floppy drives, a powerful CPU, A and C travel, and far more RAM than a MAC.

“What? Thy alphabet appears a little bit complicated.”

The moment on a time, the meaning of a word could normally be guessed by simply tracing the entomology of the word back again to its most affordable roots.

“Thou meanest ‘etymology’, dost thou not? Entomology is the study of bugs and bugs.”

I knew that.

I took out a ‘Kleenex’ mainly because my nose was running.

“But how dost thy nose operate?”

I suppose the very same way I drivest on a parkway and parkest in the driveway. Or how it doesn’t subject no matter if we fill in a variety or fill out a sort…possibly way, the taxman receives the last giggle.

I made available to take Willie for a trip.

“That is extra like it. There is very little fairly like a horse beneath one’s bottom.’

No, no, no. We never ride horses any more. That is a barbaric way to handle these kinds of majestic beasts. Now we travel cars and trucks…and destroy the horses off with the exhaust.

“I have no concept what you are conversing about.”

Just have a seat in the BMW, Willie, whilst I turn on the AC and rev up the RPMs on this old V6. Prior to you know it, we’ll be executing 100 mph down the 102.

“Far more letters and quantities. Have words and phrases develop into redundant in the future?”

Rather a lot. As lifestyle received extra and additional difficult, words and phrases obtained extra and extra challenging. Very soon it was taking various minutes just to pronounce a solitary authorities section. So real phrase groups experienced to be changed by acronyms – the first letter of every single phrase. Go me a Sweet.

“What does Sweet stand for?”

Candy, really. But possibly I should really just depart old Willie guessing. Immediately after all, there is just so significantly to discover in this brave new entire world. Like why there are so number of sundials about. And why some persons rest on the street, whilst other climb 34 stories to an office tower previously mentioned to slumber at their desks. And just how do they shrink those people liquor bottles for the airlines.

“What is an RSVP? And ASAP? And TLC?”

I experienced to find just the correct way to explain to him that all these ridiculous letters actually made some variety of perception.

Inside Division of Money Overhaul Transfer Systems.

“Ah, IDIOTS. Now, that I recognize!”