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Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

It was two years ago when I saw for the first time someone surfing in a carefree manner on a thick surfboard.

But the scenario has undergone a lot of changes in so short a time. Many people with their homes near to a lake have come across someone indulging in this sport or have heard about it from someone. A stand up paddle board is the fastest growing water sport in the world. SUP short for “Fully stand up paddling” is another name it is known by these days.

This is not a new sport, as centuries ago the indigenous tribes in French Polynesia were known to have been sitting on logs of wood. In the early 50’s, people who had gone to Hawaii for vacation could spot beach boys rowing around the various islands with long wooden paddles on their surfboards. The present-day ‘fully stand up paddling’ boards are wide, not as heavy as the earlier ones, they move faster, and there is a large variety of colors and designs available.

Today, people across the globe are thoroughly enjoying surfing in water bodies. Now, many countries like Canada, Germany, France, Italia, and Australia organize races and competitions, and people who had never before participated in a competition of this kind are taking part in these.

There are a large variety of fully stand up paddle boards in the market, whether you are keen on an adventure in the sea or surf in the calm waters of a pond. People can be seen using the boards for fishing or rushing down fast-flowing rivers, some are also fond of paddle surfing in lakes, behind motor boats without a rope attached.

One of the major problems that people looking to purchase a stand-up board encounter is the choice of brand, size, shape, design and color. There are many items available with the large number of new brands and models entering the market day in and day out. The board you choose should be one which has a size that is big enough for your height and weight so that you can stand firmly on it. You would also need to choose the board depending on the type of paddling you have decided to do.

You need different kinds of boards if you are going surfing on waves or covering a long distance. Usually, people prefer to buy a board that would serve more purposes than one. Such boards are normally 10’6 to 11’6 long, about 29 inches wide, with a thickness of around four to five inches.

Most of the paddle board companies have a product that would be useful both for surfing in waves and on calm waters. Though paddle boards being sold in the market are available from as little as $150 to $400, those which serve a dual purpose are in the range of $1000 to $2000.

This sport has its own benefits, which are not restricted to the enjoyment alone. It has many advantages for our health, and more than anything else, it is the perfect workout for the abdomen area.