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Lincoln Welding School Motorsports Program and Hobart Welding School

Lincoln Welding School Motorsports Program and Hobart Welding School

Why am I discussing the Lincoln Welding School and Hobart welding school in the same sentence?  

Because the 2 schools offer courses that complement each other, are very affordable, and deal with metals you won’t study in conventional community college welding programs.

What I am talking about is actually the Lincoln motor sports 5 day welding course  and Hobart Welding School’s 2 week Tig welding course.  

I get asked all the time “What is the best way to learn to weld for a living?” sometimes the question comes from a parent trying to guide a young adult child into a trade. Other times, it is an adult who is contemplating a career change.

Here is what I advise: If you are not one hundred percent sure that welding is for you or your child, rather than commit to a lengthy and expensive comprehensive welding program, why not dip your toe in the water by enrolling in Hobart’s 2 week TIG welding course? There is no prerequisite for the TIG course and it covers TIG welding on Carbon and Stainless steels, as well as aluminum. Practical skill exercises are pretty standard including lap,butt, and tee joints in .062″ and .125″ thickness and the course includes plenty of seat time in the welding booth. The tuition is only 800 dollars. Once a student completes the 2 week TIG welding course, he or she can make the decision on whether to keep on learning.  

That is where the Lincoln Basic motorsports welding program comes in.   The Lincoln basic motor sports welding program lasts 5 days (4 ½ to be exact) , covers TIG welding as well as MIG welding and also covers basic metallurgy  and filler metal selection of 4130 chromoly steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 70 percent of the class is hands on with the rest spent on lecture and discussion. The tuition is about 700 dollars for the 4 ½ day basic program. There is also an advanced class that becomes available once a student has attended the Lincoln basic motorsports welding program.  

So here is how these 2 programs complement each other…The 2 week Hobart TIG welding class gives a student a great introduction to welding. Then the Lincoln Motor sports welding course exposes the student to how TIG welding is used in the real world of motorsports…which is about as “real world” as it gets.   Food for thought… If you were an employer interviewing prospective TIG welders, and 2 people applied for the job, one having attended a welding program at a local community college, and one that completed the Hobart TIG welding course, and then the Lincoln Motorsports welding program, which candidate would get the job?