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Masonic Ring Symbolism – Joshua’s Perambulation of Jericho

Masonic Ring Symbolism – Joshua’s Perambulation of Jericho


“And it arrived to pass at the seventh time, when
the priests blew with trumpets, Joshua mentioned
unto the persons, Shout for the Lord hath provided you the metropolis.”

Jos. 6:16

As an indicator that they are duly and definitely prepared to be initiated, handed and elevated in the 1st a few Masonic levels, candidates for Freemasonry are brought on to circumambulate the lodge. Also referred to as a perambulation, the candidate’s travels in the course of the diploma is a single of the far more significant ritual jobs to be carried out. Hymns and prayers are recited, drawn from passages in the Holy Writings. Dependent on no matter if he is becoming initiated as an Entered Apprentice, passed to the degree of Fellowcraft, or lifted to the sublime degree of Master Mason, as candidate’s perambulation gets to be progressively comprehensive. It is reasonable to talk to equally why this tradition is followed and what it symbolizes.

The scripture cited over is from the e book of Joshua and refers to the circumambulation by the monks prior to the collapsing of the walls of Jericho. Due to the fact it is not very likely that mere trumpet blasts brought about stone to crumble, possibly the trumpet symbolizes a a great deal extra impressive drive, or the whole episode is supposed to express a wiser and additional really serious fact.

In his recent guide, Dropped Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Laurence Gardner hypothesizes that the trumpet represented a highly effective fusion force emanating from the Ark of the Covenant. Even though that could be legitimate, there is presently no way of possibly confirming or denying that risk. Nevertheless, in that the Old Testomony, as very well as the entirety of the Holy Bible is littered with allegorical tales, it is similarly probable that Freemasonry, which has been in existence longer than Mr. Gardner has been writing, adopted the allegorical that means as the basis for the existing working day perambulation by candidates in Masonic lodges.

For the duration of historical rites of the worship of Deity, specified holy men moved solemnly all-around sacred objects in a round manner. This kind of movement was an integral aspect of the ritual utilized by the Hindus and Buddhists. In Islam, circumambulation is utilized for the duration of holy expert services at Mecca. In each and every, the motion was intended to depict the religious changeover of gentleman from daily life to spiritual perfection. That changeover was to be completed in phases as each individual gentleman moved far more closely in his lifetime and instruction to the non secular electricity of the Deity.

This ancient custom made is retained in Masonry, but its that means has been commonly overlooked. In some current-day Masonic companies a rigidity exists between all those brethren who desire to pursue the esoteric classes taught by the Craft and those brethren who like a rigorous adherence to Masonic ritual, which has developed around at minimum the earlier two generations. Some in the esoteric camp say that the rigid adherence to ritual neglects the a lot more vital tenets of sacred historic philosophy. Specific adherents to the “ritual-only” camp imagine that Masonry is practiced in its purest sort by working to achieve “term-fantastic” ritualistic overall performance. In basic Hermetic custom, equally are equally correct and incorrect.

It is perilous to get the job done in Masonry underneath the perception that an adherence to Masonic ritual is not Masonry and, thus, should really be relegated to the junk-heap of past relics. It is no fewer perilous to ignore the simple fact that Masonic ritual enjoys a sacred connection with the religions and philosophies of the earlier. A lot more normally than not, if one particular appears to be very carefully into the Masonic previous, he will learn that there exists a holy union involving the approved ritual and the esoteric know-how it is meant to express. Certainly, a Mason may well really find new joys in attending ritual performances after he learns much more about the rich sacred past.

The candidate’s travels, or perambulation of the lodge room, are supposed to symbolize the point out of religious attainment linked with the support of every of the 1st a few degrees of Masonry. As an Entered Apprentice, the freshly initiated Mason learns to humbly post himself to the reality that understands minor, if anything at all, about what the Craft teaches. In his state of ignorance, the initiated prospect is released to the instruments of understanding that, when studied under the advice of the additional professional brethren, will sooner or later enlighten his spirit. A Fellowcraft is presumed to have mastered the rudiments of Masonic symbolism and at least be knowledgeable about the actuality that Masonry uses symbols to impart smart and really serious truths. His spirit is in need of solid food and, as a result, the prospect is led to the analyze of the liberal arts and sciences, which he is anticipated to examine and realize by means of the prism of spirituality instilled by Masonry. Though continuing to involve religious foods, the Learn Mason is envisioned to just take the classes he has uncovered and usefully offer them to the community in which he resides by living the non secular everyday living he has been taught. The perambulation not only symbolizes the candidate’s non secular state, but also the a few phases of preparation vital in advance of the earth may well be expecting to advantage from that spirituality.

In ancient religious procedures, the perambulation was believed to a required precedent to contacting forth the presence of Deity. This once pervasive practice survives currently in many of the occult cultures and has fallen into typical disfavor. Masonry does not hire the perambulation in hopes that it will magically cause God to show up, for the Craft understands and teaches that the Terrific Architect is constantly existing. The intent now is to supply the prospect and brethren with a ritual observe that focuses the head upon that existence and instills a prayerful mind-set during the overall ritualistic performance.

Freemasons close to the world are keenly interested in finding the roots and origins of the Craft. University professors all over Europe, as properly as somewhere else are studying historic archives inspecting new info and re-inspecting presently existing product in hopes of a single day being able to declare with certainty whence came Freemasonry. Far more very likely than not, individuals roots and origins will not conveniently be learned without 1st knowledge that Masonry is about man’s relationship to God.

From time immemorial, gentleman has questioned himself about God’s existence. The fraternity of Freemasons is composed of men who have resolved that He does exist and who brazenly profess their faith in His existence. A guy cannot become a Mason with no a perception in the Supreme Currently being. Even while he previously possesses religion in God in advance of becoming a member of the Craft, a prospect may not have a really formulated concept of what that signifies to himself, his family, his buddies and his nation. Even though Freemasonry does not teach this kind of a guy about the existence of God, it does train him how God relates to His creations and how we who are established in His picture could gain these with whom we arrive into get hold of each and every and every single day.

What is said here may perhaps be tested by you in the setting of your personal lodge. The future time you are seated in a lodge room and observe the ritualistic perambulation, silence on your own and permit God to speak to your heart all through the whole functionality. There will be plenty of time to communicate to the member sitting down following to you right after the efficiency is concluded. Think about the phases of your own religious enhancement and consider to recognize your spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Later on, operate very tricky to increase upon your strengths and to eliminate your weaknesses. If you try this exercising in lodge on a normal basis, more probable than not you will explore that you are practising authentic Masonry and in the doing also explore the basis for the origins of the Craft to which you belong.