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Scholarship for Ethiopians 2012

Scholarship for Ethiopians 2012

Scholarship for Ethiopians 2012 is another hope-giving educational program dedicated to help the young hopefuls of the Ethiopia, another developing country in Africa. Ethiopian students who aspire to have better lives can now start working on their goal through enrolling themselves in continuing educations in other countries. Financial assistance has been in constant flow for more than a decade already from numerous business sectors in the first world countries. In fact, there are still a lot of people and organizations who are extending their hands to help our fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters reach their dream. And education will serve as a factor in the evolution of one country.

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in the world. But answering the question of whether the country’s being self-governing is beneficial; Ethiopia’s growth has been very slow in the last centuries. Granting one country needs educated citizens to hasten its improvement and development, scholarship for Ethiopians 2012 is considered a key to reaching the county’s goal: a better nation. Although the country is torn between two religions–Christianity and Islam, Ethiopia will be united as one through education. After all, education had made significant changes from one country to the next since education started.

Despite the number of Ethiopian students now enrolled in schools has reached an astounding percentage of sixty-six (66), the country’s education has always been affected by a growing percentage of Ethiopian kids escaping classes and student dropouts in the last year. In addition, the county still has a lesser number of girls attending schools. Plus, the country has a higher rate of educated individuals who can’t still manage taking a stable job because of the inability of the country’s present curriculum to make skillful professionals out of their graduates. And this is where scholarship for Ethiopians 2012 will change the negative trend of the Ethiopian education for the next school year.

One can start looking for the latest updates on scholarship for Ethiopians 2012 online. Registration dates are already set so that applicants can start submitting requirements as early as possible. With the growing demands of scholarship for Ethiopians 2012, one can’t afford to delay his or her submission of requirements. Owing to the fact that there are hundreds of online resources for various scholarships for colleges, universities and accredited educational institutions, there’s no reason for a student to let any life-turning opportunity slip by him or her. One can directly search for scholarship for Ethiopian 2012 information regarding the eligibility requirements, registration dates, and deadlines.